7 Lucrative lead generation strategies through SEO

5 Lucrative Lead Generation Strategies Through SEO

Lead generation is a method to build interest and inquiries related to product and service. These leads can be used later for bringing sales. In this process of digital marketing, a user is converted into a customer or buyer. Lead generation is a million dollar industry. Search engine optimization plays a vital role in the profitable lead generation these days.

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in the profitable lead generation these days.

Today, I am going to answer these following questions related to lead generation.

  • How this lead generation process goes on?
  • Why is lead generation the best way to bring sales anytime?
  • How to boost leads on the website using search engine optimization?

Let’s begin the learning tour.

Starting with the lead generation process. Under the lead generation process, we add a simple form on a landing page for signup with appealing lines and the strong call to action button.

This form consists of simple queries like user first name, last name, email, address, contact number, website, etc..

You can see the example in the below image.

Hootsuite Lead Generation Page

hootsuite lead generation 1

Hootsuite Landing Page 1

hootsuite lead generation

Hootsuite landing page 2


Hubspot Lead Generation Page

hubspot lead generation 1

Hubspot landing page 1

hubspot lead generation 2

Hubspot landing page 2


In these images, you can see how users are appealed for sign-ups.

These landing pages optimized well to convert users into a lead.

Somewhere like Just Dial company website they only ask for a contact number and later their customer support contact to fill rest of form with their business information.

Just Dial Lead Generation Page

just dial lead generation 1 just dial lead generation 2

Just Dial company website is the best example of lead generation business.

Moving on to how SEO helps in lead generation and why it’s profitable.

SEO or search engine optimization is a free method to get customers and buyers from the biggest search engine like Google etc..


If you hire an SEO expert for lead generation process for your company website, then it is the most profitable way to get leads.

This is profitable because you have not invested too much and return on leads are very high.

An SEO expert follows the guidelines of search engines and uses tactics to optimize landing pages.

Here I have listed some best tactics to optimize landing page under lead generation with SEO.


1. Choose the right keywords

Choosing the right keywords are critical for search engine optimization and lead generation with SEO. You have to know and target those keywords where competition is low and searches are good at least more than 100 in the month. You can use free keyword research tools like Google Adwords keyword planner, SEMrush, and keyword spy.

You can use free keyword research tools like Google Adwords keyword planner, SEMrush, and keyword spy.

You can read this post on keyword research.


2.Mobile Friendly Pages

The majority of internet users are mobile users. You need to make your landing pages mobile friendly.

Why mobile friendly?

How to check mobile-friendly pages correctly?

A mobile-friendly landing page brings more conversions than not the mobile-friendly landing page.

Always check your mobile friendly on Google mobile-friendly test. This is the best tool with suggestions.

Create AMP pages and mobile pages like m.facebook.com, m.sbionline.com, etc..

If you will delight users then Google will give you the higher ranking.


3.Optimize Page Speed

Keep optimizing your landing page speed because page speed affects a lot of your online conversions. Use tools like Google page speed insights and GTmetrix for speed test with recommendations.


4. Add Strong CTA button

Add a strong call to action button above the fold of landing pages. A strong CTA button brings 65% more conversions on the landing page. Do A/B test for the testing color of CTA buttons.


5. Add benefits of products

We like to buy something when we found something worthy or beneficial.

Describing the benefits of product and services in points bring more leads as compared to without benefits.

Check this attached image for an idea of benefits of product and services on the landing page.

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