Best SEO Services in Delhi

Best SEO Services in Delhi 

Looking for best SEO services or packages in Delhi? Most of you have an online business that you want to grow or planning to make an online presence soon.

If you have heard about SEO earlier and want to hire someone to look after your website SEO, here you go!

So, we will initiate with some terminologies that are closely related to the best SEO services in Delhi such as-

  • Initial SEO Audit
  • Website Technical Audit
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • On page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing

#1 Initial SEO Audit

An initial SEO audit is all about the analysis techniques that are used to make SEO audit reports on the website. This is required before starting the SEO to know what is wrong with the present website SEO.

This is applied to find what is exactly missing? Which tricks are required? Or is there any search engine penalty already? Or is the site blocked? And many more issues with the present website. This initial SEO audit helps you and your SEO consultants comprehend the pitfalls of your search engine optimization.

There are 10 Different Types of SEO Audit as Follows

#1 Competitive Website Audit
The competitive website audit report contains the reporting on all the topmost online competitors of your business. This means that they have a good online presence already. Hence, it is important to find out the reasons for their high performance on the internet. This is why the SEO audit report is important.

#2 Technical Website Audit

As a core part of the SEO audit, this one helps the experts to analyze every technical SEO faults of the present website. This report actually helps you to know about the health of the website.

#3 UX Design and Website Content Audit

This SEO audit report benefits you by letting you know about the user experience and content relevancy of your website. UX Design and Website Content Audit includes site architecture, responsive pages, website speed, color combination, and many more aspects.

#4 SEO Link Audit

Knowing your current website backlinks that are making your website weaker or stronger over the internet is really important. This particular SEO audit helps you to know about all your present backlinks.

#5 Regularly Scheduled Follow-up Site Audits

Once every SEO audit is done, this SEO audit lets you know about the improvements in your SEO campaigns.

#6 Lead Conversion Optimization Audits

You must be wondering why the potential users are not converting on your landing page. This SEO audit helps you to know about the same.

#7 Social Media Audit

This SEO audit collects all data from all of your social media channels and thereby helps you to know about the source of the influence of your business on those social media.

#8 Site Health Audits or Position Audits

This SEO audit lets you know about the position of your current page on SERP. It also informs you if any algorithm and the manual penalty is there.

#9 Schema Markup Structured Data Audits

This important SEO audit helps you to improve your website Schema markups on the landing page.

#10 E-Commerce Shopping Cart Audit

If you own an e-commerce shopping cart, then you need to avail this SEO audit. This one works by helping you to remove all the barriers for your users while they are shopping.

You can simply go for one detailed SEO audit report that consists of all the 10 website audits mentioned above. If you want to get a comprehensive SEO audit report, feel free to drop your query here.

#2 Keyword Research and Analysis

This one makes an essential trick in SEO campaigns. It is evident that the SEO campaigns begin while keeping keywords in focus. Hence, choosing a proper keyword not only helps in getting the valuable audiences to your business website but also saves your time and budget in SEO.

The keyword is known as the queen of SEO and if you are able to choose the most suitable keyword, then your chances of winning the game, in the long run, is higher.

However, keyword research is not a tedious one, but a simple process of researching the keywords on the base of competition, the potential of conversions and average volume. Though simple, the process requires excellent skill and knowledge of search engine algorithm updates so that the behavior of SERP and online business competition is perfectly analyzed.

If you are looking to hire an expert for your keyword research and analysis, contact me.

#3 On page SEO

On page SEO or on page optimization makes an essential part of SEO. In optimizing the page for the search engine suing on page SEO, it is important to take care of some on-page elements that are-

  • Meta Tags
  • Content
  • Mobile friendly
  • Page Speed
  • Security and more.

Without on Page SEO, one cannot fulfill the overall SEO goal. The on page optimization is required before putting the elements on SERP known as Search Engine Result pages.

#4 Link Building

No doubt link building, also known as off page SEO, is the most important part of SEO. Every search engine like the Google or Bing calculates the popularity of the web page on the internet, which depends on link building or off page SEO.
So, how does a search engine calculate the popularity of a page?
The answer is Link.
An SEO expert can make high quality, relevant, authoritative and natural links. Search engines like Google love the natural links and that is why the expert also makes backlinks that are safe under the search engine algorithm updates. If you are not familiar with the very dangerous Google updates like Penguin, it can become your nightmares. So, you need to hire an SEO expert for link building campaigns. Feel free to contact me for the same service.

#5 Content Marketing

Content, also known as the King of SEO, is a very powerful aspect and most people like to respond to a website once they have interacted with the content. Content is an effective way to bring leads, improve sales, and impress the users for your online business.

But why all content doesn’t work?
The answer is simple. All the contents are not well researched or sometimes they are not up to the mark as per the user’s taste.

Content writing needs a rigorous practice and research and there are some highly skilled and professional web content writers available.

First, you need to create well-written content and share it with your target audience. After posting it, you also need to promote it on various influential channels.

This process sums up content marketing, which is also known as blogging.
That’s the reason why most of the online businesses have regular blogs on their website.
If you are looking for someone, who can handle the content marketing for your business, you can hire me.

#6 Video Marketing

Today, it is needless to explain the importance of excellent videos that go viral.
The video is also a type of content, which is mostly used and watched by millions of people over the internet. Among many reasons for the importance of videos, it is true that the era of the fastest internet we are living in makes it the best medium perhaps.

Some internet giants like Microsoft and Amazon focus on videos while approaching their target audience. Video marketing is nothing but the process of sharing of the best videos on right channels over the internet.

All the above-mentioned elements are some terminologies closely related to Best SEO services in Delhi. As the future is more online, SEO makes a great investment for online marketing.

If you are going to hire an SEO expert in Delhi, make sure that the team explains these and ensures you to provide all such SEO services.

If you are thinking of appointing me for any of these best SEO services or an entire package in Delhi, feel free to request a callback here.